Welcome to CBD Catering!
Corporate Bunny Diners (CBD Catering) offers a blend of fresh and exciting food that's designed with the business person in mind.

Standard catering is served on platters but we can provide individually boxed meals to your workplace to aid with distancing and avoid sharing. Additional cost applies.

Welcome to CBD Catering

For those who prefer to still not share meals, we can deliver individually boxed meals to your workplace to allow for distancing and avoid sharing. Extra costs apply.
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Chef's Selection

Order a selection of freshly made food from one of our set menu packages. Contact us now to find out the set menu for any given date
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Meal Packages

Check out our competitive pricing options for meals from breakfast to cocktail hour with examples of the food we provide in our chef’s selection set menus
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Bespoke Catering

Contact us to help you create the perfect menu for your special event
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